The UK & Europe are ready for you, but are you ready for them? Ask yourself these questions: The UK & European Markets are hungry for new business growth. The question is… Are you ready for them?



Find out where your company fails and see if you are ready by filling out our 7 question checklist. Discover if your company is ready for foreign expansion




We developed the checklist questionnaire to look at the core things every company should have in order to successfully achieve market entry in the UK and Europe.


Every question is curated from key industry interactions and results we’ve seen from previous expansions into foreign markets. They help us establish if profitability is there and if they can scale.


Answer the questions below, and if you need help or deeper insight into what we have in place, contact us at


 Do you know which countries are the right ones to start your expansion with? Remember your business relies on not only getting your foot in the door but also getting it in the right door. Do you know which country that is?



Have you identified your core customer in the European market? Making sure your customers exist and are market ready is key to launching a profitable transition; Have you found your market yet?



Do you know how to manage your pricing structure? Did you know that pricing structures can vary country to country? What have you adapted from your model to meet these demands?



Do you know how the tax and logistics of Europe’s systems work? Every country will have different demands; do you have services in place to meet their demands?



Do you understand what it means to be ‘market ready’ for the European market? Is your brand ready to transition to their market, tone and demands?



Do you have a step by step plan in place with all the details filled out so you can start the right way the first time? Or do you have an idea of what you want to do and plan to adapt as you go?



Do you know where the best place for your business to start is or do you need guidance from start to finish?

Discover how to start transitioning to foreign markets no matter how you answered.

When you’re ready for the UK & Europe, Mustard is ready for you.

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