If you are here it means that your business is ready to launch in the UK & European market.


You’ve been ready for a while, want to pull the trigger, but want to work with someone who has a process. This is your business and you want to know that people you hire to help aren’t just winging it.


We know that success doesn’t come from making it up as you go. Our vast experience in getting results for businesses like your comes from having a UK & European market entry process in place.


That’s why we provide an established and field tested 4-service package to help your business:


1. Grow Revenue – This provides proof of concept in new markets. We help you establish it quickly so you can rapidly scale to the next stage.

2. Attract Investment – When you’re ready to multiply your growth and reach larger market share, we help you to attract strategic partnerships you need to thrive so you can make it to the final stage.

3. Accelerate You Exit – You’ve done the hard work, proved the concept and bought the right people on board. Now you transition your company for exit.


Our 4-service package is a roadmap that takes your business from its first step on foreign soil to the final objective seamlessly.


We accomplish this through expert planning, tailoring strategies specific to what your industry responds to and executing market entry the right way.



When you hire a company, you want results.


To successfully achieve market entry that mean you needed guided help from start to finish.


That’s why we created our 4-Service Package.


It is a series of services we tailor to your needs. This is how we take your business from thinking about international expansion to successfully profiting in the UK & European.


Our system has 4 services:


1. Learn – This is where we help you build your knowledge base to identify and enter new markets.

2. Action – This is where we review your plan and optimise it for profitable market entry.

3. Execute – We check you product is market ready and tailor build a marketing strategy for it.

4. Establish – We help you grow your foundation to scale your market share.


These services follow the order listed so you can go from zero experience to fully profitable the right way first time.


Once you master our service, you can come back and repeatedly produce profitable growth service by service, product by product and country by country.


Here is a detailed breakdown of how we guide you step by step through the service package.





Monthly Webinar
Downloadable Reports
European Bootcamps
Tailored Reports
Access to Dedicated Experts


UK & European insight

Market data

Engagement with channel experts

An understanding of how the market is right for your business


Market Entry Audit


Market Sizing Report
Competitive Activity Report
Buyers Panel
Go To Market Strategy


Detailed GTM strategy document with conclusions & key recommendations
The first blueprint for market entry




Executional Plan
Product Optimisation
Market Entry Strategy
Sales Growth


Product review to ensure product is ready for market entry

Detailed sales & marketing strategy documents with conclusions

Detailed executional plan

Forecasts & budgets

Dedicated resource

Secured POs


HQ Setup


Corporate Administration
Temporary Office and Admin Support
Non-Exec Director Role
Continuity Training and Key Account Introductions


Phase one set up

Project planning and transitioning

Sales Director (part-time/permanent) established

Continuity of order fulfilment

Sales and admin resource backfilling

When you’re ready for the UK & Europe, Mustard is ready for you.

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